What Goes into our Pool Fence Estimate

Have you been wondering – What happens when we meet at your home for an pool fence estimate?  Upon arrival we will bring samples of our pool fence mesh, poles and gates in to your home to show you.  We have found having the samples really helps the majority our customers visualize what the pool barrier gate will look like once installed.  We will typically begin our appointment by showing you how the pool fence works, how it gets and maintains tension, how the poles set into the ground and how you gain easy access to your pool through the self closing, self latching, key lockable gate.  We will go through how and where the products are made, how our poles are constructed, the UV coating process on our mesh and how our mesh weave is woven for greater transparency.   The samples help with color selection too.   

Once we have gone through how the pool fence works, we will head outside to your pool area to talk about design.  Sometimes this can be really cut and dry and sometimes the layouts can be really complicated.  Either way, we will talk through the options with you and decide on a best option, or measure 2 different options.  The goal is always safety first then balancing cost and aesthetics second.  We want to be sure you are getting the most use out of your pool area and yard all year long!  Once we have measured the area for your pool fence we will give you a pretty terrible drawing and itemize your fence cost on the bid sheet.  You will know your total footage, the amount of the self closing self latching, key lockable gate, any other variables which may impact cost, such as custom pieces for retaining walls, steps, turning the fence in specific areas and things like that .    We will total it all for you at the bottom and present you with the bid.  We will confirm the layout on the drawing, then go through the footage, special features, gates and the total.  We will review the warranty and fine print information with you and leave you with a copy of the bid and a Pool Guard brochure.  

Once you decide that Pool Guard pool safety fences are awesome and you need one ASAP, give us a call and we will get you on the schedule for installation!

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