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Pool Cover in Addison, tx
Pool Cover in Addison, tx

Are you tired of digging the leaves out of your pool all fall, winter and spring?  Good news - Pool Guard of Dallas/Fort Worth now offers residential removable pool safety covers!  We have been installing pool mesh covers for years for foreclosed properties and have finally added them to our product line for all residential properties.

There are several stock sizes and shapes available (think rectangular pool), but most of our customers require a custom pool safety cover.  If your pool does not qualify for a stock cover, we will measure the pool using the AB measurement method.  Typically this will take between one and two hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the pool design and any obstacles, like waterfalls, ladders and diving boards we may have to contend with while measuring.  We do charge a fee to measure for pool covers, but the measurement fee is credited back to you upon installation.

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pool cover installation north texasOur pool safety covers are all ASTM compliant and fit the requirements for a safety cover.  The covers fully protect the pool and are anchored to the deck using brass anchors and spring loaded rings which are attached to the cover straps.  If necessary, we use a cable system and padding to snugly and securely anchor the pool cover to any rock features and spa spillways around your pool.  

Our pool covers are ideal for fall and winter use.  Most of our customers cover their pools in late September and remove the cover in March.  The tight weave design of our covers allow the rain water to drain through but keep the leaves, trigs, acorns and other debris out of the pool.  

In our area we carry the premium Pro Mesh cover and the slightly less expensive Sercure-A-Pool cover.  We do not carry automatic pool covers, but we think you will find these more affordable and better. Both are ASTM certified for safety and make excellent swimming pool leaf covers.  

We have outlined the major differences for you here:

Pro Mesh

Everything Secure-A-Pool offers plus

Blocks sun like a solid cover

Commercial grade springs

15 year limited warranty

Polypropylene mesh keeps algae growth at bay which means a cleaner pool in spring.

50% lighter than a solid cover

Very strong tensile strength

Available in blue, green, tan and grey


Light weight Polypropylene mesh cover (lighter than Pro Mesh cover)

Mesh allows water to drain through, but screens out dirt and debris

12 year limited warranty

Available in blue and green

Meets or exceeds ASTM standards for safety

Keep Your Children Safe

350 children under the age of five drown in pools each year nationwide. Don't let this happen to you.

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