5 things to consider when looking to buy a Pool Safety Fence

5 things to consider when buying a pool safety fence1) ASTM Compliant – You always want to be sure the safety fence you are considering complies with the American Standards for Testing and Materials. Having this ASTM certification ensure the pool barrier product you are purchasing for child safety has been tested to withstand the safety parameters for swimming pool perimeter fencing. Pool Guard pool safety products are all tested and certified by ASTM and the more stringent European standards LNE. Rest assured whether installing a removable mesh safety gate or a mesh pool cover, Pool Guard products are safety compliant. Side note – did you know the International Barrier Code suggests a 4 foot tall fence for safety around a pool. 3 ½ is a popular height, but it does not meet the suggested barrier code. A 4 foot fence is better, another 6 inches won’t hurt, we promise!

2) Choose a National Brand – We always recommend when shopping for removable pool safety fences and gates, you look for a large brand manufacturer with a presence all over the USA. Why is this important, you ask? We’ll tell you! Should something happen to the local dealer in your area, choosing a national company with a large presence means greater likelihood that you can get a replacement part for your fence should you ever need it. Pool Guard has dealers all over the United States and the world. Our manufacturer, Pool Guard USA has their own website and an established presence in the marketplace. Pool Guard USA has been around for over 30 years! Oh! And did we mention Pool Guard’s products are all made right here in the USA? We are really proud of that and our customers appreciate it too!

3) Insurance – This is a BIGGIE! Whatever you do, whomever you choose, make sure the provider working in your yard is FULLY INSURED! After all, we are in the construction business and things can happen on a jobsite. Be prepared and ask the right questions. If something happens on your job site, wouldn’t you rather the company be insured? Pool Guard of Dallas/Fort Worth is insured through the International Association for Child Safety (www.iafcs.org). Our Manufacturer smartly requires all of their distributors to carry insurance.

4) Transparent UV Coated Mesh – Yes, yes, safety first of course, but don’t you want the pool barrier fence you are installing in your yard to look as good as it can while it is up? Then, look no further than Pool Guard’s ultra-transparent interlocked mesh. Our cross threads are braided through allowing a larger weave size. As a result, Pool Guard pool fence products are more transparent than some of our competitors with a single weave, smaller mesh. Check it out for yourself by calling us for a free in-home estimate at 214-334- 1343!

5) Yard Balance – Pool Guard of Dallas/Fort Worth considers many factors when helping you design your removable pool safety barrier. We always consider safety first, making sure the doors leading to the pool are protected. Next is a balance of aesthetics and cost. Different strokes for different folks. We want you to be happy and get the most use of space out of your yard at the least amount of cost. If your yard is all pool, but you have a nice large patio, we can simply block off the patio to prevent little ones from gaining access while still giving you some outdoor space to enjoy. If you live on 2 acres, and your pool is right smack in the middle, we will probably suggest fully enclosing the pool and surrounding pool deck. This will give you a pool area that is not too claustrophobic and allows you to have plenty of room to move around the pool when you are swimming without taking away valuable play area outside of the pool area. In the end it is a balance of safety and your goals for your yard. Pool Guard of Dallas/Fort Worth will always do our best to accommodate you!

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